How to download rc book copy online

how to download rc book copy online

  • Download Driving License, Insurance Certificate, RC And PUC Online
  • How to Get Duplicate RC Book: Apply RC Book Online | RenewBuy
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  • Duplicate RC Book: Steps to Download Duplicate RC Book Online
  • Duplicate RC | Parivahan Sewa | Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India
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  • So today we are going to tell you how you can download your driving license, Rc, PUC online.

    how to download rc book copy online

    You must have heard from somewhere or some other about the driving license, you will definitely know about the driving license but we would like to tell you about its importance. Driving License: — Driving license shows that you have been recognized by the government that you are able to drive your vehicle on the road.

    A driving license is given to you after a special investigation, it is very important for you to have a driving license to drive a vehicle on the road.

    Download Driving License, Insurance Certificate, RC And PUC Online

    To avoid this challan, you must have a driving license, even you can keep a copy of your driving license in your mobile, which will be recognized by the traffic police or the government. What we are going to give you further process will work for every state of India, through this process you will be able to download a copy of your driving license i. Whatever driving license will be certified by the Digilocker under the new Motor Vehicle Act by the government will be a batter.

    If you want to download your digital driving license from Digilocker, first of all you have to create an account on the official website or mobile application of DG Locker. Even an online website has been given, which is run by the government. When your account is created by Digilocker, you have to login it with your login ID and password.

    How to Get Duplicate RC Book: Apply RC Book Online | RenewBuy

    When you login to your Digilocker properly, you see some options in it like we have shown you below. Note: — In the future if you need to show a driving license, then you can show your certified digital driving license from this DG locker, there will boom no invoice on it, if any of your invoice is made, then you can court against it.

    how to download rc book copy online

    I can also complain. Rc means Registration Certificate which certifies who owns the vehicle, who owns the vehicle over it, whether the vehicle is valid or not registered under the government or not. Note: — This RC Registration of Vehicles certificate is certified by Digilocker, due to which it is fully validated, if a policeman does not give its validity and deducts your wrong challan, then you take that challan to the court You Can also appeal against him.

    To download the insurance certificate, you have to enter your registration number along with your registration number, correct the given terms and conditions and click on the option containing the gate document, now you have an insurance certificate for your vehicle. Note: — If the certificate is also certified by Digilocker, then it also has full validity.

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    It is important to first know about the PUC Certificate, what it is and what is the work of this certificate. Here given belowlist of RC fees for the vehicles.

    The following is the list of RC fees for some of the key type of vehicles: Apart from below, an downlosd fee of INR is applicable if the RC is a smart card which has been issued or is renewed under Form number 23A. Like you the details which are mentioned in your PAN card like your name, date of birth, signature etc. You must be wondering what are the details which are present in the RC or the smart card. Let us see the details that can be seen in your RC Card or smart card:. These days where everything is waterproof and is laminated to avoid the document getting soiled, torn etc, likewise an RC book also can be converted to a smart card which is again a tamper-proof plastic card with an fixed microprocessor chip obline 64 KB memory size that has all information about you as the owner of the vehicle with details of the vehicle as well.

    Duplicate RC Book: Steps to Download Duplicate RC Book Online

    One can have the RC copy download in the same way as explained above. So now, are you still worried as to what will you do if you have lost your smart card or the RC book? Well, surely you are not onliine you know by now what exactly you need to do in those situations and how to apply for a duplicate RC book or a smart card.

    So, rownload ahead, apply for a duplicate RC or the smart card needed and have a safe drive. Yes, you are allowed to transfer your RC from one state to the other, however, you will have to obtain a no-objection certificate issued from the RTO where the vehicle was registered initially.

    Jan 10,  · Today we are going to tell you how you can download online driving license, insurance certificate, RC book and PUC. These are the main documents which are first demanded by the traffic police and you have to have these Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins. Procedure to convert RC book to RC Smart Card. While technology has come a long way, many people choose to hold on to their old RC Books. In these cases, most of the RC Books are extremely damaged, torn, or have the text worn away. People who are looking to convert their old RC Books into RC Smart Card’s need to follow the following pointers. The online steps of how to apply for duplicate RC are listed here for easy reference: Fill out an application form online at the Parivahan Sewa website. This requires information of the police FIR and Vehicle insurance information. Submit the required service fee (which includes the fee of a smart card) online with the application form.

    Cases where there is an unfortunate death of the vehicle owner, the vehicle must be re-registered by the legal heirs of the owner who is deceased. The following documents are needed:. The owner might want to take away or sell the vehicle outside the downloaad of the registering authority fopy to any other State. In such cases, the owner will have to give an application with the below documents to go ahead with the respective RTO where the vehicle was originally registered.

    Policy cancellation and refund of the premium shall be as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

    The refunds are processed by the Insurance Company directly. You are requested to contact the toll free number of your Insurance Company or refer the respective section of your Policy terms and conditions. You can also call us at our toll free number or write a mail to us at support turtlemint. For escalations customer can write to us at po invictusinsure. Skip to content. Types of Vehicle Registration Certificate: RC is of two types as follows: Temporary Registration : When you buy a vehicle, a provisional registration numeric number is allocated by the dealer from whom the vehicle was purchased.

    This number acts as the temporary registration number and needs to be registered permanently as per the law. The temporary Registration download is effective for a month and by this time the respective vehicle should be registered by the respective RTO or RTA. In India, mostly the authorized car dealers only get this registration done on behalf of you Permanent Registration : This is nothing but the number plate of your vehicle to prove the authenticity of you as the owner together with other details of the vehicle.

    Important things-to-know for getting RC book Though the registration is done by the dealers in India as mentioned above, you need not have to spend your time and energy on this, however your certain vital points which you dodnload remember for your knowledge which are stated as copy Application to made for receiving the permanent registration of the vehicle by filling form no 20 and submit to the respective RTO Cases where hoq vehicle is registered on a temporarily, there one should apply for the permanent registration certificate An Endorsement is needed if the registration includes any kind of hypothecation downlowd not A confirmation is required about the type of registration number whether it is a discrete number or any number according to the choice of the vehicle owner or a usual number.

    A confirmation about the condition of HSRP- High-Security Registration Plate or the smart card Payment needs online be made on the choice of the registration number if you desire to have any fancy number and use of the HSRP or the smart card as specified in Central Motor Vehicle Rules You will have to pay the essential tax as per CMVRbook on the choice of the registration number Procedure to get how RC book As mentioned above authorized dealers of vehicles in India are officially allowed to perform the registration process for the newly bought vehicle on behalf of you when you are buying a new vehicle.

    Duplicate RC | Parivahan Sewa | Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India

    Process for procurement Duplicate Registration Certificate RC Card Most of us have the tendency of losing important documents, either the same gets misplaced or might be stolen etc. All documents together with a complaint in writing need to be submitted to the RTO office by you which had issued the original Registration Certificate Documents required for getting duplicate RC book Application for duplicate RC i. Here given belowlist of RC fees for the vehicles The following is the list of RC fees for some of the key type of vehicles: Apart from below, an extra fee of INR is applicable if the RC is a smart card which has been issued or is renewed under Form number 23A.

    You will have to place a written application to the administrator of traffic police in the city mentioning the reason for receiving the RC book changed to a smart card You will have to give a copy of the insurance certificate and emission certificate You will have to pay the required fees which are of INR for transport vehicles and INR for non-transport vehicles as applicable You will have to submit the RC book and the documents as mentioned above at the nearest RTO office The RC smart card will be received at your registered address within a week.

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    The date and the registration number The number of the Chassis The number of Engines Colour of the vehicle and its type The capacity of seating of the vehicle The model number of the vehicle. Find Bike Insurance Plans. Buy Health Insurance Policy.

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      With the coming of the New Motor Vehicle Act , the traffic rules have become much more stringent, so many such incidents are coming out. In which traffic rules have to be violated such as the driver does not have a driving license and other documents which the administration has to challan for not being present on the spot.

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      We all know that a driving license is mandatory for us to drive on the Indian roads. Likewise, a vehicle is allowable to be driven in public roads after its registration by the respective registration authority as per the Motor Vehicle Act, , section Vehicle Registration is a process whereby you get the number plate of your vehicle and the same is registered under the list and records of the government.

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