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  • The use of the word 'extremist' of either or both conveys a dangerous untruth: it implies that both hold acceptable opinions and seek permissible ends, only that they carry them to 'extremes'. Not so: the one is a lawbreaker; the other is an enemy. The same purpose, that of rendering friend and foe indistinguishable, is achieved by references enoch the 'impartiality' of the British troops and to their function as 'keeping the peace'. The British forces are in Northern Ireland because an avowed enemy is using force of arms to break down lawful authority in the province and thereby seize control.

    The army cannot be 'impartial' towards an enemy, nor between the aggressor and the aggressed: they are not book policemen, restraining two sets of citizens who might otherwise do one another harm, and duty bound to show no 'partiality' towards one lawbreaker rather than another. They are engaged in defeating an armed attack upon the state. Once again, the terminology is designed to obliterate the vital difference between friend and enemy, loyal and disloyal. Then there are the 'no-go' areas which have existed for the past eighteen months.

    It would be incredible, if it had not actually happened, that for a year and a half there should be areas in the United Kingdom where the Queen's writ free not run and where the citizen is protected, if protected at all, by persons and powers unknown to the law. If these areas were described as what they are—namely, pockets of territory occupied by the enemy, as surely as if the had been captured and held by parachute troops—then perhaps it would be realised how preposterous is the situation.

    In fact the policy of refraining from the re-establishment of civil government in these areas is as wise as it would be to leave enemy posts undisturbed behind one's lines. I am one of what must be an increasing number who find the portentous moralisings of A. Solzhenitsyn download bore and an irritation. Scarcely any aspect of life in the countries where he passes his voluntary exile has failed to incur his pessimistic censure.

    Coming from Russia, where freedom of the press has been not so much unknown as uncomprehended since long before the Revolution, he is shocked to discover that a free press disseminated all kinds of false, partial and invented information and that journalists contradict themselves from one day to the next without shame and without pdf. Only a Russian would find all that surprising, or fail to understand that freedom which is not misused is not freedom at all.

    Like all travellers he misunderstands what he observes.

    the book of enoch free pdf download

    The British electorate regularly download this by electing governments in the teeth of the hostility and misrepresentation of virtually the whole of the press. Excited by this discovery he announces a novel and profound moral principle, a new addendum to the catalogue of human rights. Just so.

    Whatever may be the case in Russia, we in the degenerate West can switch off the radio or television, or not buy a newspaper, or not read such parts of it as we do not wish to. I know, because I have applied it with complete success to his own speeches and writings. I gave him chase and caught him, And would not set him free, But held him and besought him To give the flower to me.

    He smiled, and broke a petal And laid it in my hand— It seared like molten metal, And here is yet the brand. Wikipedia has an article about: Enoch Powell. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Enoch Enoch. Namespaces Page Discussion. And Enoch my grandfather came and stood by me, and said to me: 'Why have you cried to me with a bitter cry and weeping? And He book to me: "Because of their unrighteousness their judgment pdf been determined and shall not be withheld by Me for ever.

    Because of the sorceries which they have searched out and learned, the earth and those who dwell on it shall be destroyed. But as for you, my son, the Lord of spirits knows that you are pure and guiltless of this reproach concerning the secrets. Lumpkin 12 And He has destined your name to be among the holy, and will preserve you among those who dwell on the earth; and has destined your righteous seed both for kingship and for great honors, and from your seed shall proceed a fountain of the righteous and holy without number for ever.

    They shall be blessed and multiply on the earth in the name of the Lord. Lumpkin 7 And there were streams of fire throughout the valley, where these angels are punished who had led astray those who dwell on the earth. Their spirit is full of lust, that they will be punished in their body, for they have denied the Lord of spirits. They will see their punishment daily, and enoch, they believe not in His name. As their bodies burn, a change will take place in their spirit for ever and ever; for before the Lord of spirits none shall utter an idle word.

    Who can endure the severe judgment which has been executed, and before which they melt away? Lumpkin have led them out? Lumpkin 9 And he instructed mankind in writing with ink and paper, and thereby many sinned from eternity to eternity and until this day. And this is the power of this oath, for it is powerful and strong, and he placed this oath Akae in the hand of under the control of Michael. Lumpkin 22 [And in like manner the spirits of the water, and of the winds, and of all kinds of spirits, and their paths from all the quarters of the winds respond to His command.

    And all these believe and give thanks before the Lord of spirits, and glorify Him with all their power, and their food is in every act of thanksgiving; they thank and glorify free exalt the name of the Lord of spirits for ever and ever. And he caused the sinners and all those who led the world the to pass away and be destroyed from off download face of the earth. And all evil shall pass away before his face, and the word of that Son of Man shall go out and be strong before the Lord of spirits.

    And from that day I was no longer numbered among them; and He placed me between the two winds, between the North and the West, where the angels took the cords to measure the place for the elect and righteous for me. Lumpkin 3 And there I saw the first fathers and the righteous who dwell in that place from the beginning. They were walking on flames of fire; their garments were white, and their faces shone like snow. And Michael, and Raphael, and Gabriel, and Phanuel, and the holy angels who are in heaven above, go in and out of that house.

    Lumpkin 11 And I fell on my face, and my whole body melted, and my spirit was transformed transfigured. And I cried with a loud voice in the spirit of power, and I blessed and glorified and exalted. JOH Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me: for thou lovest me before the foundation of the world. Their dwelling-place shall be with Him and it will be their pdf, and they shall not be separated from Him for ever and ever and ever.

    Lumpkin 3 And I saw six the in which the sun rises, and six doors in which the sun sets and the moon rises and sets in these doors, and the leaders of the stars and those whom they lead: six in the east and six in the west, and all following each other in accurately corresponding order. And first free goes out the great luminary, named the Sun, and his sphere orbit, disc is like the sphere orbit, disc of heaven, and he is quite filled with illuminating and heating fire.

    Lumpkin 15 And the sun mounts up to make the day shorter and the night longer, and the sun returns to the east and enters into the sixth door, and rises book it and sets thirty mornings. Author's note: The day is divided into 18 sections of 90 minutes each. Lumpkin 27 And the sun has traversed the divisions of his orbit and turns again on those divisions of his orbit, and enters that door thirty mornings and sets also in the west opposite to it.

    the book of enoch free pdf download

    Downlowd completely full it amounts to the seventh part of the light of the sun. And her first phase in the east comes out on the thirtieth morning and on pdf day she becomes visible, and constitutes for you the first phase of the moon on the thirtieth day together with the sun in the door where the sun rises. Lumpkin 7 And when the sun goes out from the fourth door she goes out seven days, until she goes out from the fifth and turns back again in seven days into the fourth door and accomplishes all her light; and she pdf and enters into the first door in eight days.

    Lumpkin 2 And because of them men go wrong in them, for those luminaries truly render service to the stations of the world, one in the first door, one on the third door of heaven, one in the fourth door, and one in the sixth door, boom the exactness of the year book accomplished through its separate three hundred and sixty-four stations.

    Lumpkin 4 Through four of these come winds of blessing and prosperity peaceand from those eight come hurtful winds; when they are sent, they bring destruction on all the earth and the water on it, and on all who dwell on it, and on everything which is in the water and on the land. And through the third door which lies pdr the north comes cold and drought. And the twelve doors of the four quarters of free are therewith completed, and all their laws and all their plagues and all their benefactions have I shown to you, my son Methuselah.

    From there will He book is blessed for ever descend. Lumpkin 2 And the ench quarter is named the diminished, because there all the luminaries of the heaven wane and go down. One of them coming from the west pours its waters into the Great Sea. Lumpkin becomes fifteen parts, and the moon grows by an additional fourteenth parts. Lumpkin 2 Dowmload he showed me all the the of these for every day, and for every season of every rule, and for every year, and for its going out, and for the order prescribed to it every month and every week.

    And the rain shall be kept back, and heaven shall withhold it. And these shall free their orbits and tasks, and not appear at the seasons prescribed to them. Lumpkin 8 And evil shall be multiplied on them, and punishment shall come on them so as to destroy all. Lumpkin everything, and given you books concerning all these; so, my son Methuselah, preserve the books from your father's hand, and see that you deliver them to the generations of the world.

    This wisdom namely that passes their understanding. Men shall be at fault, and not recognize them accurately. And these are the orders of the stars, which set in their places, and in their seasons and the and months. Lumpkin 11 And these heads over thousands are interspersed between leader and leader, each behind a station, but their leaders make the division.

    And the names of those who lead them: Adnar'el, and Ijasusa'el, and 'Elome'el. In the beginning of the year Melkejal rises first and rules, who is named Tam'aini and sun, and all book days of his dominion while he bears rule are ninety-one days. Lumpkin the second before I married download your mother, was when I saw a terrible vision.

    I had laid down in the house of my grandfather Mahalalel, when I saw in a vision how heaven collapsed and was carried off removed, torn down and fell to the earth. Your dream vision is of a grave time and concerns the enoch of all the sin of the earth: it must sink into the abyss and be totally destroyed. Lumpkin 2 Blessed be you, 0 Lord, King, Great and mighty in your greatness, Lord of the whole creation of heaven, King of kings and Th of the whole world.

    And your power download kingship and greatness abide for ever and ever, and throughout all generations your dominion and all heavens are your throne for ever, and the whole earth your footstool for ever and ever. You know and see and hear everything, and there is nothing hidden from you for you see everything. These seem to refer to nations or ethnicities. For enoch, the eagles may refer to the Roman empire, the Islamic nation is represented by the asses, Abraham may be the white bull, Jacob is enovh sheep, Egyptians are wolves, and so on.

    Download PDF file – The Book of Enoch

    Enoh Daniel Chapter 10 free other like imagery. Other writers have attempted to be more specific. Starting with the concept of Noah's three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, giving rise to all the animals or nations in Chapter 89, they link the white bull to Abraham; Abraham's son, Ishmael, to the wild ass; Isaac to the white bull; Esau to the wild boar; Jacob to the white sheep; the Assyrians to lions; The small lambs with open eyes to the Essenes; Jesus to the "sheep with the big horn"; and in Lumpkin 2 And Enoch lifted up his voice and spoke to his son Methuselah: 'I will speak to you, my son, hear my words.

    Incline your ear to the dream vision of your father. But that black bull grew gree that heifer went with him, and I saw that many oxen proceeded from him which resembled and followed him.

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    And they began to father many white bulls, which resembled them, one following another. Lumpkin 5 And all the bulls oxen feared them and were frightened of pdf, and began to bite with their teeth and to devour, and to gore with their horns. Lumpkin [Chapter 89] 1 And one of those four went to that white bull and instructed him in a secret, and he was terrified: he was born a bull and became free man, and built for himself a great vessel and dwelt on enoch. And again I raised my eyes towards heaven and saw a high roof, with seven water torrents on it, and those torrents flowed with much water into an enclosure.

    And I looked again, and behold fountains were opened on the surf ace of that great enclosure, and the water began to bubble and swell and rise on the surface, and I saw that enclosure until all its surface was covered with water. Lumpkin 11 But that bull which was born from him fathered a black wild free and a white sheep; download the former fathered many boars, but the sheep gave birth to twelve sheep.

    Lumpkin 22 And his face was dazzling and glorious and terrible to behold. But the wolves began to pursue those sheep until they reached a sea of water. And after that I saw the Lord of the sheep who stood before them, and His appearance was great and terrible and majestic, and all those sheep saw Him and were afraid before His face. And that sheep took other sheep with it, and came to those sheep which had fallen away, and began to slay them; and the sheep feared its presence, and thus that sheep brought back those sheep that had fallen away, and they returned to their folds.

    Lumpkin 34 And I saw in this vision until that sheep became a man and built a house for the Lord of the sheep, and placed all the sheep enoch that house. Lumpkin wild beasts, and those wild beasts had no longer any power among the sheep and rob bed them no more of anything. Lumpkin from now on, and everything that I shall command you that do you. Lumpkin book to the Lord of the sheep - everything that they had done, and all that each one of them had made away with, and all that they had given over to destruction.

    Lumpkin 3 And pdf sheep cried out because their flesh was being devoured by the birds, and as for me I looked book lamented in my sleep over that shepherd who pastured the sheep. Lumpkin 16 All the eagles and vultures and ravens and kites, gathered together and brought with them all the wild sheep, and they all came together and helped one another in order to dash that horn of the ram in pieces. And he showed, in front of the Lord of the sheep, that they had destroyed download more than those before them had.

    And the Earth was split. And all the animals, and the birds the the sky, fell from those sheep and sank in the earth, and it closed over them. And I saw that man, who wrote the book according to the command of the Lord, until he opened that book concerning the destruction which those twelve last shepherds had wrought, and showed that they had destroyed much more than their predecessors, before the Lord of the sheep.

    Lumpkin 25 And those seventy shepherds were judged and found guilty, and they were cast into that fiery abyss. HEB For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come. Lumpkin 37 And I saw that a white bull was born, with large horns and all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air feared him and made petition to him all the time. It appears the codex was not kept in sequence here.

    Thus, the translated pages are out of sequence. The flow of time and occurrences seems to follow the pattern listed: to The flow then continues from to and then jumps to From the text continues to It then picks up again at and continues. And it shall book you on good paths.

    PDF Download Complete Books Of Enoch Free

    And righteousness shall be your companion. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. Lumpkin 2TH Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come kf falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. And the temples burned with fire, and they shall remove them from the whole earth; and the heathen shall be cast into the judgment of fire, and shall perish in wrath and in grievous judgment for ever.

    And all the deeds of the impious will vanish from the whole Earth. And the world will be written down for enocg and all men will look to the Path of Uprightness. And from teh on sin will never again be mentioned. I will show them to you again that you may know what will come to pass. Lumpkin 19 And now, hearken to me, my sons, and sownload in the paths of righteousness, and walk not in the paths of violence; for all who walk in the paths of unrighteousness shall perish for ever.

    And for the future generations who shall observe righteousness and peace. And he shall walk in eternal light. The explanation book the event are scattered in chapters 91 - 93, however, the list of events are stated clearly in the following list of week in chapter And Enoch said: 2 'Concerning the children of righteousness and concerning the elect of the world, and concerning the plant of righteousness, I will speak these things. I Enoch will declare them to you, my sons, according to that which appeared to me in heavenly vision, and which I have known through the word of the holy angels, and have learned from heavenly tablets.

    Lumpkin 5 And in it a man shall be saved; and after it is ended unrighteousness shall grow up, and a law shall be made for the sinners. And after that in the third week at its close a man shall be elected as the plant of righteous judgment, and his posterity shall become the plant of righteousness for evermore. And in it the man shall xownload and at its close the house of dominion shall be burned with fire, and the whole race of the chosen root shall be dispersed.

    And who can think His thoughts? Who is there that can behold all the works of heaven? Lumpkin 2 And to certain men of a generation shall the paths of violence and ennoch death be revealed, and they shall hold themselves afar from them, and shall not pdf them. And those who acquire gold and silver shall suddenly perish in the judgment.

    JAM Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. Lumpkin Author's note: in the above biblical verses from James, "sabaoth" is from the Hebrew, plural form of "host" or "army". The word is book almost download in conjunction with the Divine name as a title of majesty: "the Lord of Hosts", or "the Lord God of Hosts".

    And so judgment shall overtake you, sinners. Fear not the sinners, for again the Lord free deliver them dkwnload your hands, that you may execute judgment on them according to your desires. You shall ascend as badgers and enter the crevices of the earth, and the clefts of the rock for ever before the unrighteous. And download satyrs sirens shall sigh and weep because of you.

    Lumpkin fact shall be a testimony against you for a memorial of your evil deeds. Author's note: the above reference is a euphemism for promiscuity. Many and good days shall come to the righteous in those days - in the day of your judgment. Lumpkin 9 And now let us do what we purposed, for we eoch gathered silver, and many are the servants in our houses and enoch granaries are full to the brim as if with water.

    Lumpkin the are free for the day of the great judgment, for the day of tribulation and great shame for your spirits. Where do you have good things to eat and to drink and to be filled? From all the good things which the Lord the Most High has placed in abundance on the earth; therefore you shall have no peace. Author's note: The above reference to eating blood may indicate cannibalism.

    GEN Every moving thing enoch liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. You know that you pdf be delivered into the hands of the righteous, and they shall cut off your necks and slay you, and have no mercy on you. Therefore they shall have no peace but die a sudden death.

    Enoch Powell - Wikiquote

    They shall be trodden under download on the earth. Lumpkin 4 In those days enoch nations shall be stirred up, and the families of the nations shall arise on the day of destruction. They shall abandon their children that are still babies sucklingsand not return to them, and shall have no pity on their loved ones. MAT And ye download hear of wars and rumours of wars: book that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end free not yet.

    Lumpkin 15 Woe to them who do unrighteous acts and help oppression, and kill their neighbors until the day of the great judgment, for He will throw down your glory. MAR Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.

    Lumpkin 9 Woe to you, you sinners, on account of the words of your mouth, and on account of the deeds of your hands which your godlessness as caused, in blazing flames burning worse than fire shall you burn. When the hoar-frost and snow with their chilliness, and all the snow storms with all their plagues fall on you, in those enoch you shall not be able to stand before them. Lumpkin free And at His reproof it fears and dries up, and all its fish die and all that is in it; but you sinners that are on the earth fear Him not.

    Who has given understanding and wisdom to everything that moves on the earth and in the sea? Yet you sinners do not fear the Most High. And when He launches out His Word against you will you not be the and afraid? From now on we are equal. Look, they too have died, and from now on for ever shall they see no light. Woe to you, for you shall have no peace. We have been tortured and destroyed, and not expect to live from day to day.

    We have worked hard and had no satisfaction in our labor; and we have become the food of the sinners and the unrighteous, and they have laid their yoke heavily on us. Lumpkin 12 They have ruled over us and hated us and the us, and to those that hated us we have bowed our necks but they pitied us not. Be hopeful; for before you were put to shame through sickness and affliction; but now you shall shine as the lights of heaven, 3 You shall shine and you shall be seen, and the doors of heaven shall be opened to you.

    And in your cry, cry for judgment, and it shall appear to you; for all your tribulation shall be visited on the rulers, and on all who helped those who plundered you. You shall not have to hide on the day of the great judgment and you shall not be found as sinners, and the eternal judgment book not come to you for all the generations, eternally.

    Lumpkin 7 For you shall become companions of the hosts of heaven. And, although you sinners say: "All our sins shall not be found out and be written down," nevertheless they shall the down all enoch sins every day. IChapter ] Fragment of the Book of Noah 1 And after some days my son Methuselah took a wife for his son, Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore a son. And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and the hair of his head and his long curls were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful.

    Lumpkin 2 And when he opened his eyes, he lit up the whole house like the sun, and the whole house was very bright. And he said to him: 'I have begotten a strange son, different and unlike man, and resembling the sons of the God of heaven; and his nature is different and he is not like us, and his eyes are as the rays download the sun, and his face is glorious. And I said to him: 'Behold, here am I, my son, why have you come to me?

    To Lamech, my son, there has been born a son, the like of whom pdf is none other, and his nature is not like man's nature, and the color of his body is whiter than snow and redder than the bloom of a rose, and the hair of his head is whiter than white wool, and his eyes are like the rays of the sun, and he opened his eyes and the whole house lit up. And they commit sin and broke the law, and have had sex united themselves with women and committed sin with them, and have married some of them, and have had children by them.

    Lumpkin 13 And they shall produce on the earth giants not according to the spirit, but according to the flesh, and there shall be a great punishment on the earth, and the earth shall be cleansed from all impurity. Lumpkin 3 And wait until sin has passed away indeed, for their names shall be blotted out of the book of life and out of the holy books, and their children seed shall be destroyed for ever, and their spirits shall be killed, and they shall cry and lament in a place that is a chaotic desert, and they shall be burned in the fire; for there is no earth there.

    For it is not heaven but there was only the flame of a blazing fire, and the voice of weeping and crying and moaning, lamenting, free agony. And he has assigned them their reward, because they have been found to love heaven more than their life in the world, and though they were trodden under foot by wicked men, and experienced abuse and reviling from them and were put to shame, they blessed Me. Lumpkin MAT And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

    And the sinners shall cry aloud and see them shining, and they indeed will go where days and seasons are written down prescribed for them. Pseudepigrapha I 1so6d; 1pigr; fa I Spurious or pseudonymous writings, especially Jewish writings ascribed to various biblical patriarchs and prophets but composed within approximately years of the birth of Jesus Christ. Inrumors of a surviving copy of an ancient book drew Scottish explorer James Bruce to distant Ethiopia.

    There, he found the "First Book of Enoch. The text, which is known as "Second Enoch," was discovered in by Professor Sokolov in the archives of the Belgrade Public Library. The Second Book of Enoch was written in the latter half of the first century A. The text was preserved only in Slavonic and consequently bears the designation, "Slavonic Enoch. Lumpkin the reader from the time of Enoch to the onset of the great flood of Noah's day.

    The main theme of the book is the ascension of Enoch progressively through multiple heavens. During the ascension Enoch is transfigured into an angel and granted access to the secrets of creation. Enoch is then given a 30 day grace period to return to earth and instruct his sons and all the members of book household regarding everything God had revealed to him.

    The text reports that after period of grace an angel will then come to retrieve pdf to take him from the earth. Many credible versions end with chapter 68, however there is a longer version of 2 Enoch, which we will examine. In this version the wisdom and insights given to the family of Enoch is passed from family members to Melchizedek, whom God raises up as an archpriest.

    Melchizedek then fulfills the function of a prophet-priest. To pave the way to Melchizedek, Methuselah functions as a priest for ten years and then passed his station on to Nir, Noah's younger brother. Nir's wife, Sopanim, miraculously conceives without human pdf while about to die and posthumously gives birth to Melchizedek, who is born with the appearance and maturity of a three-year old child and the symbol of the priesthood on his chest.

    The world is doomed to suffer the flood but Michael the archangel promises Melchizedek salvation. The text goes on to report that in the last generation, there will be another Melchizedek who will be "the head of all, a great archpriest, the Word and Power of God, who will perform miracles, greater and more glorious than all the previous ones". The manuscripts, which contain and preserve this document, exist only in Old Slavonic.

    Of the twenty or more manuscripts dating from the 13th century A. When pieced together there appears to be two versions. These we will refer to as the long and short version. The difference in length between the two is due to two quite different features.

    The Book of Enoch is divided into five basic parts, but it is the The Book of Parables () which gives scholars the most trouble for it is primarily concerned with a figure called "the messiah"; "the righteous one"; "the chosen one" and "the son of man." Chapter [1] There I File Size: KB. Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Yared Moges. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins. The Book of Enoch 3 Introduction I have based this book on Michael A. Knibb's scholarly translation of the Ethiopian manuscripts, (The Ethiopic Book of Enoch, Oxford University Press), which I believe to be the best translation currently available. I first heard about the Book of Enoch a few years ago, while I .

    There are blocks of text found only in the longer manuscripts; but even when the passages are parallel, the longer manuscripts tend to be more full and detailed. At the same time there is so much verbal similarity when the passages correspond that a common source must be supposed. It has been suggested that the longer version is characterized by editorial expansions and Christian interpolations.

    Hence, the shorter version contains fewer Christian elements. The author of 2 Enoch speaks much of the Creator and final judgment, but he speaks very little about redemption, which seems to be absent from the thoughts of the author.

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    Lumpkin seems to be a total lack of downloar Savior or Redeemer in 2 Enoch. What is noteworthy is that 2 Enoch has no reference to the mercy of God. In the long version presented here, it appears that the last portion of the text was added enoxh an afterthought. It contains the rise of Melchizedek. The appearance of Melchizedek ties 2 Enoch to several other texts forming a Melchizedkian tradition. The author of 2 Enoch follows a tradition in which an aged mother, who had been barren up to her deathbed, miraculously conceived Melchizedek without human intervention.

    Before she was able to give birth to the baby she died. The baby then emerged from her dead body with the maturity of a three-year-old boy. His priesthood will be perpetuated throughout the generations until "another Dree appears. If the last Melchizedek serves as the archpriest for the yhe generation, it indicates that in the vownload of this Jewish writer, the Temple was to be rebuilt free would be the place were God would meet His people when the heathen nations were destroyed.

    The continuation and victory of cownload Jews as the selected and fre people of God is implied. In this vein, 2 Enoch follows certain apocalyptic book. For more information on apocalyptic dowlnoad see "End of Days" by josepli Lumpkin. The Slavonic version is translated from a Greek source. Most scholars enoch that there was either a Hebrew or Aramaic original lying behind the Greek source from which the Slavonic manuscripts were produced.

    Proof that The Slavonic Enoch was sownload written in Greek is shown or the derivation of Adam's name, and by several coincidences with the Septuagint. The origin of the story is perhaps based on Hebrew traditions and certain Semitic turns of pdf show up in the text. This tends to indicate that there was at one time a Hebrew or Aramaic text that preceded the Greek. From the Greek it was translated into Slavonic.

    Of this version there are five manuscripts or pieces thereof found. The short version or the Slavonic Enoch was probably pcf by a single author in an attempt to bring all the current traditions about Enoch of his time into a central storyline and system. The schema to accomplish the unity of traditions gook Book ascension through multiple heavens.

    This author was download a Jew living in Egypt. There are several elements in the book, which indicate Egyptian origin. The longer version of 2 Enoch was seeded with Christian elements and appended with an ending that does not fit well, illuminating the fact that there were several authors involved in the longer version. Parts of the book was probably written in the late first century A.

    Lumpkin references within the text; the second date is a limit set by the fact that the destruction of the Temple is not mentioned at pf. However, it must be added that apocalyptic literature bloomed after the destruction of the temple, especially between late first century and lf the second century A. The Slavonic Enoch furnishes new material for the study of religious thought in fre beginning of the Common Era. The ideas of the millennium and lf the multiple heavens are the most important in this connection.

    Another very interesting feature is the presence of evil in heaven, the fallen angels in the second heaven, and hell in the third. The idea of evil in heaven may be a nod to the book of Job and the dialog downloax God and Satan, who was coming and going between heaven and earth. The idea of hell in the third heaven may have been downlload from ideas expressed vree the Old Testament book of Isaiah, which mentions that the sufferings of the wicked will be witnessed by the righteous in paradise.

    Chapter 21 and forward for several chapters shows a heavy influence of Download mythology. The Zodiac is mentioned along with celestial bodies with names such as Zeus, Cronus, Aphrodite, and others. The part of book text containing names and astrological descriptions could have been tampered with as late as the seventh century A. By far, the most interesting and enoch section begins around chapter 25 and doenload for several chapters.

    The Gnostics were a Christian dowmload, which formed and grew in the first century A. Although Gnostic borrowed from Plato's B. Add to the dating question the fact that the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem is not mentioned, which leads to a date just before 70 A. The history of the text is obviously long and varied. It probably began as a Pdf oral tradition with pieces taken from several Pdf stories.

    Although download foundation of the fdee was first download in Hebrew or Aramaic around the first or second centuries A. Later, the story was expanded and embellished by Greek influences. Lastly, Christians and Gnostics commandeered enocb book and added their own matter. Thus 2 Enoch exhibits a kaleidoscope of enoch downloa religious contributions over a great scope of time from the first century B. These additions would allow any serious student insight into how ancient texts evolve.

    Lumpkin Book Enoch was rediscovered and published in the early 19th century A. D The text before you uses the R. Charles and W. Morfill translation of with additions from other sources. Archaic terms and sentence structure were revised or free to convey a more modern rendering for the twenty-first century readers. The 5 And when I was asleep, great distress came up into my heart, and I was weeping with my eyes in sleep, and I could not understand what this distress was, or downloqd was happening to me.

    Their faces were shining like the sun, their eyes were like a burning light, and from their lips fire was coming out. They were singing. Their clothing was of various kinds in appearance and was purple. Their wings were brighter than gold, and their hands whiter than snow. The eternal God sent us to you, and you shall ascend today with us into heaven, and you shall tell your sons and all your household all that they shall do without you on earth in your house, and let no one seek you until the Lord returns you to them.

    So now, my children, I tell you, do not turn from God in the face of that which is empty or prideful, which did not free heaven and earth, for these shall perish along with those who worship them, and may the Lord make your hearts confident in the fear respect of him. And now, my children, let no one consider seeking me, until the Lord returns me to you. The 3 1 It came to pass, when Enoch had finished speaking to his sons, that the angels took him on to their wings and lifted him up on to the first heaven and placed him on the clouds.

    And there I Enoch looked, and again I looked higher, and saw the ether, and they placed me on the first heaven and showed me a very large sea, boook than the earthly sea. See 2 Cor Chapter4 1 They brought the elders and rulers of the stellar orders in front of me, and showed me two hundred angels, who rule the stars and services of the stars to the heavens, and fly with their wings and come round all those who downlload. Lumpkin Chapters 1 And the I looked down and saw the storehouses of snow, and the angels who keep their amazing storehouses, and the clouds where they come out of and into which they go.

    Chapter 6 1 They showed me the storehouse of the dew, like olive oil in its appearance and its form, as of all the flowers of the earth. And they also showed me pdf angels guarding or storehouses of these things, and how they are made to shut and open. Chapter 7 1 And those men took me and led me up on to the second off, and showed me darkness, greater than earthly darkness, and there I saw prisoners hanging, watched, guarded, awaiting the great and limitless judgment, and the spirits were dark in appearance, more than earthly darkness, and perpetually weeping through all hours.

    They answered me: These are God's apostates, who did enovh obey God's commands, but took counsel with their own will, and turned away with their prince, who is also held captive in the fifth heaven. And I answered them: I am just a mortal man. Who am I that I should pray for spirits? Who knows where I go or what will enoxh of me? Or who will pray for me?

    I looked down and saw what this place produces and that it was so good that such as has never been known. And this tree is of indescribable goodness and fragrance, and adorned more than ldf existing. And all sides of its form were golden and brilliant red and fire-like and it was completely covered, and it produced all fruits. See Rev. See Gen. Lumpkin 10 And I said: How very sweet is this place, and those men said to me: Chapter 9 1 This place, 0 Enoch, is prepared for the righteous, who dowhload all manner of offence from those that exasperate their souls, who avert their eyes from iniquity, and make righteous judgment, and give bread to the hungering, and cover the naked with clothing, and raise up the fallen, and help injured orphans, and who walk without pdff before the face of the Lord, and serve him alone, and for them is prepared this place for eternal inheritance.

    Vree 10 1 And those two men led me up on to the Northern side, and showed me there a very terrible place, and there were every kind of tortures in that place: cruel darkness and gloom, and there was absolutely no light at all there, but murky fire constantly flaming above, and there is a fiery river coming out, and everywhere in that entire place is fire, and everywhere there is frost and ice, thirst and shivering, while the physical restraints are very cruel, and the spirits were fearsome and merciless, bearing angry weapons, torturing without mercy.

    This place is so terrible. And enoch is reserved for those who, to satisfy their own emptiness made the hungering die; those who clothe themselves by stripping the naked; and who did not know their creator, but instead bowed to lifeless gods who have no soul who cannot see nor hear, who are empty, and who built carved images bok bow down to unclean fashioning of useless gods, this place is prepared for these as an eternal inheritance. Chapter 11 1 Those men took me, and led me up on to the fourth heaven, and showed me the entire succession of activities, and all the rays of the light of sun and moon.

    Lumpkin 6 And six-winged ones go fourth with doenload angels before the sun's wheel into the fiery flames, and yhe hundred angels kindle the sun and the it alight. Chapter 12 1 And I looked and saw other flying elements of the sun, whose dowwnload are Phoenixes and Chalkydri, which are marvelous and wonderful, with feet and tails of a lion, and a crocodile's head, they appear to be purple in color like that in the rainbow; freee size is nine hundred measures, their wings are like those of angels, each has twelve wings, and they attend and accompany the sun, bearing heat and dew, as it is ordered them from God.

    Seraph means, "to burn. Through the gates the sun goes out, and goes enocg the west, and is made even, and rises throughout all the months, and turns back again from the six gates according to the succession of the seasons. In this way the period of the entire year is finished after the return of the four seasons. Chapter 14 1 And again those men led me away to the western parts, and showed me six great open gates corresponding to the eastern gates, opposite to where the sun sets, according to the number of the days three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter.

    Note that this is a solar calendar of the same length as our modern calendar. Lumpkin earth. And it stands seven great hours in night, and spends half its course under the earth. And when it comes to the eastern approach rfee the eighth hour of the night it brings its lights and the crown of glory, and the sun burns flames outwardly more than fire. Chapter 15 1 Then the elements of the sun, called Phoenixes and Chalkydri Seraphim break into song, therefore every bird flutters its wings, rejoicing at the giver of light, and they downloda into song at the command of the Pef.

    The Kadosh - Holy, Holy, Holy 2 The giver of light comes to illuminate the entire world, and the morning guard takes shape, which is the rays of the sun, and the sun of the earth goes out, and receives its luminance to light up the entire face of the earth, and they showed me this free of the sun's going. For this reason the downloax is a great creation, whose biok lasts twenty-eight years, and begins again from the beginning. Note: For 29 February, which is the leap year day, to fall on a particular weekday, there is a year 2 x 14 year cycle.

    This forms a h;pe of perpetual calendar. There are twelve great gates that are crowned from west to east, by which the moon comes and goes in its customary times. Note: The sum of the days total with the year beginning in March. Note: epact I 'epakt I The number of days by which the solar year differs from the lunar year.

    Lumpkin solar calendar year. Origin the mid 16th century. Denoting the age of the moon in days at the beginning of the calendar year : from French epacte, via late Latin from Greek epaktai hemerai 'intercalated days. Note: The year cycle is calculated from the creation of Adam, which, as we know, took place on Friday, March 1, B.

    The cycles are booj out in the final sections of the Typikon, which is the book that dictates the services, and are bok Paschalion Calendar sections. There are tables reflecting the year cycle of the Church services, which consists of year solar cycles multiplied by fred lunar cycles. There is a table that consists of 19 columns by 28 rows, giving the Paschal Key number or letter for each of the years of the year cycle. Once you know the Paschal Key, you look up the details enoch the following section, which consists of 35 brief calendar synopses, one for each possible day that Pascha can fall.

    Each of these synopses actually consists of two services; one for regular years, and one for leap years. Each angel has six wings. Chapter 17 1 Enochh the midst of the heavens I saw armed soldiers, serving the Lord, with drums and organs, with constant voice, with sweet voice, the sweet and unceasing voice and various singing, which it is impossible to describe, and which astonishes every mind, so wonderful and marvelous is the singing of those angels, ths I was delighted listening to it.

    Lumpkin Note: The Greek transliteration egegoroi are the Watchers; a group offallen angels who mated with mortal women and produced the Nephilim mentioned in the books of Jubilees, lEnoch, and Genesis After them are those who are downloav in great darkness in the second heaven, and three of them went down on to earth from the Lord's throne, to the place Ermon, and broke through their vows bkok the shoulder of the hill Ermon and pef the daughters of men how good they are, and took to themselves wives, and fouled the earth with their deeds, who broke the law and mixing with the womengiants are born and amazingly large men with great hatred.

    You could anger your Lord completely. As I stood with those two men four trumpets sounded together with a book voice, and the Grigori broke into song with one voice, and their voice went up before the Lord pitifully and touchingly. Chapter 19 1 From there, those men took me and lifted me up on to the sixth heaven, and there I saw seven bands of angels, very bright and very glorious, and their faces shining more than the sun's shining, glistening, and there is no difference in their faces, or behavior, or manner of dress; and these make the orders, and learn the goings of the stars, and the alteration of the moon, or revolution of the sun, and the good administration of the world.

    Lumpkin lives before the Lord's face. In their midst are six Phoenixes and six Cherubim and six six-winged ones continually singing with one voice, and it is not possible to describe their singing, and they rejoice before the Lord at his footstool. Chapter 20 1 And those two men lifted me up from there on to the seventh heaven, and I saw there a enoch great light, and fiery troops of great archangels, incorporeal forces, and dominions, orders and governments, Cherubim and Seraphim, free and many-eyed ones, nine regiments, the Ioanit stations of light, and I became afraid, and began to tremble with great terror, and those men took me, and led me after them, and said to me: 2 Have courage, Enoch, do not fear, and showed pdf the Lord from afar, sitting on His very high throne.

    For what is there on the tenth heaven, since the Lord dwells there? Note: The meaning of Ioanit is not clear. However, it book be derived from the transliteration of the name John. John means, "The Lord is Gracious. One of the highest demonstrations download God's power and divinity is the power of Creation. It is found on the fre level of heaven.

    Note: Strong and fierce off sing with fres, gentle voices, bowing and serving in bliss. What has befallen me? Lumpkin 5 And I answered him, and said within myself: My Lord, my soul has departed from me due to terror and trembling, and I called to the men who led me up to this place. I relied downloac them, and it is with them that I can go before the Lord's face. Note: When speaking to God, Enoch "said within himself. Chapter 22 the On the tenth heaven, which is called Aravoth, I saw the appearance of the Lord's face, like iron made to glow in fire, and it shone forth and casted out, emitting sparks, and it burned.

    I cannot tell the amount of his instructions, and the variety of voices. The Lord's throne is very great and not made with hands, and I cannot tell the number of those standing around him. There were troops of Cherubim ot Seraphim, and they sang unceasingly. I cannot tell of his unchanging beauty. Who shall tell of the unpronounceable greatness of his glory?

    Note: Enoch is out of and above time-space. Eternity is now and he can feel feee timelessness of where he is. The language struggles to convey this fact. Lumpkin 9 And Michael did as the Lord told him. He anointed me, and dressed me, and the appearance of that ointment is more than the great light, ;df his ointment is like sweet dew, and its smell mild, shining like the sun's ray, and I looked at myself, and I was transformed into one of his glorious ones. Note: The number symbolism of ten is that of new starts at a higher level, new beginnings, and re-creation.

    Note: Enoch is now an angel. He now feee access to the heavenly records and the understanding to use the knowledge. A reed was used in writing much like a quill was used. Sit and write all the souls of mankind, however many of them are born, and the places prepared for them to download. And he said, all souls are prepared for eternity, before the formation of the world. Note: If all things were created in six days, then the souls of all people were created at that time.

    In Jewish mythology, the place that the souls were houses until birth was called the Guf Guph. Each soul was created for a certain place, time, and destiny. According to one version of the frree, when the Guf Gup is emptied of souls, time ceases. In another fo, when the last soul dies and dowlnoad to God, time enoch end. Enoch free book in a hour period containing information on all things, including, "all free who are prepared for eternity, before the formation of dnoch world.

    Lumpkin being. I created the visible, physical things from downloae invisible, spiritual world. Note: Overview of the heavens: First heaven -Enoch arrives on angel's wings. There are dowjload of ehoch and dew. Second heaven -Enoch finds a group offallen angels. There is darkness and torture. Third heaven - There are sweet flowers, trees, and fruit. Fourth heaven - Pdf are soldiers, heaven's army, and the progression of sun and moon. Fifth heaven - The leaders of the fallen angels, the 11 Grigori" Greek 11 Gregoroi," translating Mearim, the Hebrew word for watchers.

    Three of book went down and had intercourse with the daughters of men, yielding giants, who became the source boo, enmity on earth. Sixth heaven - Seven bands of angels and the ordering of the stars. The Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Heavens are thought to be later additions and not part of the original text. Eighth heaven eonch 11 Muzaloth 11 -- Zodiac Ninth heaven - 11 Kuchavim 11 -- heavenly bodies stars.

    Tenth heaven - 11 Aravoth 11 -- descriptions of God's face like that of iron made to glow in fire. Enoch sees the 11 appearance of the Lord's face," but describes it as indescribable. Pravuil, the archangel, is commanded to write down secret information about astronomy, climate, and language and give it over to Enoch. In other Enochian writings the same angel, also spelled "Penemue ", is criticized for teaching humans to pf. Chapter 25 1 I commanded pdf the very lowest parts, that the visible, physical things should come down from the invisible, spiritual realmand Adoil came down very great, and I eonch him, downlosd he had a belly of great light.

    Note: Beginning with chapters 25 and 26, the book of 2 Enoch takes a rather Gnostic diversion. The Gnostics were a Christian sect that flourished around the 3rd century A. The Gnostic view pdc the Godhead borrowed heavily from the creation saga preached by Plato circa B. The story of Adoil and the emanation of pure light from God, which brings about creation of the physical world, is similar to other Gnostic works.

    His intent was not to create but, just as light emanates from a flame, so did creation shine forth from God. This manifested downolad primal element needed for creation. This was the creation of Barbe lo, download is the "Thought of God. It is she who had appeared before him th the shining of his light.

    The book of Enoch - download the entire free PDF e-book:

    This is the first power which was before all of them and which was created from his mind. She is the Thought of the All and her light shines the his light. She is the pure, undefiled Spirit who is perfect. Enoch is the downolad power. Adoil has that place is this myth. It could be said that Barbelo was the creative emanation and, like the Divine All, is both male and female. It was the "agreement" of Barbelo and the Divine All, representing the union of male and female, that created the Christ Spirit and all the Aeons.

    In some downkoad the word "Aeon" bkok used to designate an ethereal realm or kingdom. In other versions "Aeon" indicates the ruler of the realm. The Aeons of this world are merely reflections of the Aeons of the eternal realm. The reflection is always inferior to real. In several Gnostic cosmologies the "living" world is under the control of entities called Aeons, of which Sophia is head.

    This means the Aeons influence or control the soul, life force, intelligence, thought, and mind. Control of the mechanical or inorganic world is given to the Archons. The Archons were created by Sophia. Sophia, probably out of pride, tried to emulate the creative force of God by created an image of herself Meaning that she wanted to produce an offspring, without either consort or the approval of her Father, God. As an aeon, she did have the power to do so, but she wasn't perfect like the Great Spirit, or like the other two perfect or, Barbelo and the Autogenes.

    Nevertheless, in her arrogance, she attempted to create and failed. She was horrified when she saw her creation, imperfect, bruthish creature with a lion-faced serpent with eyes offire, whom she called Yaldabaoth. Lumpkin Sophia cast her offspring out of pleroma heavenand hid her child within a thick cloud from the other aeons, because of her embarrassment and download. Yaldabaoth was the first of the archon "ruler" and he stole his mother's power, so that she wasn't able to escape from the cloud.

    Despite gaining Sophia's aeonic power, he was weak, but prideful, ambitious and power free. Since the archons, including Yaldabaoth, were androgynous beings, Yaldabaoth fathered twelve archons, giving each a bit of his power. Seven archons would rule seven heavens and five in the abyss, which Yaldabaoth and the archons created. Each archon would rule a heaven or the abyssand created pdf to help them.

    Downloqd archons rule the physical aspects of systems, regulation, limits, and order in enoxh world. Both the ineptitude and cruelty of the Archons are reflected in the chaos and pain of the material realm. Although the above may be a digression from the text of 2 Enoch, it adds insight into the time frame and origins of its production. Gnostic influences were felt from the late first century to the early fourth century A. If the writer of this section of 2 Enoch was exposed to the Gnostic sect it would 1 conclusively make 2 Enoch a text with Christian influences.

    Note: Hard and heavy could be terms for "gravid" or pregnant, with birth being imminent. Archas could equate to "The Archons. Lumpkin were around the waters and the other elements, and I showed each one of them its path, and the seven stars each one of them in its heaven, that they go the correct way, and I saw that it was good. Note: The foundation of light around the water that is like crystal is likely a reference to the sky.

    One belief at the time of writing off book the sky was an expanse of water like an endless sea. Chapter 28 1 And then I made firm the heavenly circle, and made that the lower water which is under heaven collect itself together into one whole pieceand that the chaos become dry, and it became so. I collected the sea in one place and bound it together with a yoke.

    Note: This is the bank or shoreline.

    This day I called the first-created, Sunday. This, I call the first day of creation. Note: If the sky is made of water and lightning, which is fire, downloaf from the sky, then water and fire must exist together in a heavenly form. Note: We assume this ends the second day, although it is not mentioned.

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